Among other popular kinds of sports such as FIFA, League of Legends, DOTA and StarCraft 2, PUBG betting is a newcomer in esports genre. Developed by Bluehole, the game is in the market since 2017 only but is considered almost a modern classic. In its first year itself, this kind of sports sold over 1 million copies. This also explains why PUBG quickly became a popular cybersports game. But what makes this title so special that it attracts so many betting fans and esports players? Let’s dig deeper and find out
Alex Sampler is Alessio Pellegrini, an Italian artist based in UK, Trap and Future Bass producer and tastemaker whose motto is "music is the answer" is matched by his eclectic range of styles.  You probably know what Cybersport is? For beginners, I will say a few words about it. Cybersport is a game of professional teams for prize money. Believe me, players who play in Evil Geniuses, Na'Vi, Virtus Pro or Vici Gaming teams are very cool athletes. But it happens when top teams, staffed by such tough athletes, play games with weak opponents. At the same time, the chances of their victory are so high that you just have to put money on them in order to get a real win. And online games with a withdrawal of money, it is not at all that winning the next ax with a boot in the dota2 lounge. The secret is simple: your knowledge of the game, will tell you on whom to put. After all, who, if not you understand the meaning of the real strategy of Dota 2? He's likely to produce hybrid trap as well as future bass, occasionally tipping into the more aggressive side of dubstep. He first began uploading remixes in 2007 under the alias Revolution Dj, and it wasn't long before his tracks caught the attention of Fedde Le Grand. He's also running a Trap and Bass playlist on Spotify who get the attention of major labels and big artists in the scene.

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